Iris Hunziker - systemische und lösungsfokussierte Beratung

Clear, Comprehensive,
Lively: Systemic and
Solution-Oriented Consulting

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About me

Clear, Comprehensive, Lively: Systemic and Solution-Oriented Consulting

With a degree in Business Administration, I have been working as a self-employed systemic consultant and coach in Europe and Latin America since 2009. Previously, I had various functions as a manager and project manager in the areas of controlling, corporate development and internal auditing. My broad background includes in-depth expertise in leadership and project management at various hierarchy levels and comprehensive experience in organisational and management development. I am highly familiar with moderating both large and small groups.

I accompany corporations, teams and managers in complex development processes, challenging organisational contexts and demanding leadership situations.

My specialist areas and core competencies include solution-oriented and systemic formats, methods and theories based on SySt®. These allow for productive and autonomous working, even in complex and conflict-prone development processes. I completed my four-year SySt® training at the SySt® Institute in Munich and am an editor and author at the German trade journal SyStemischer and a member of the SySt® International training support team.

In their work relating to the development of Systemic Structural Constellations (SySt®), Prof. Dr Matthias Varga von Kibéd and graduate psychologist Insa Sparrer have combined the knowledge from the areas of modern hypno-communication, linguistics, the solution-oriented School of Milwaukee and the work of Virginia Satir with systemic fundamental work and logical schemes.

I hold lectures and seminars at various institutions in Europe and Latin America. I am also a member of the Swiss Enterprise Risk Management Association (SwissERM) and a network partner of sysTelios Transfer of the sysTelios Health Center for psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine in Siedelsbrunn, Germany.

I regularly attend further educational programs in various disciplines. While job shadowing at the sysTelios Health Center, I experienced first hand how successful leadership and cooperation can be when based on appreciation, partnership and equality. I also observed how organisational structures, processes and development can be designed in a way that those involved can optimally develop and align their individual competencies.

My working languages are German and English.

Professional Background

Head of Operational Auditing, Deputy Head of Internal Auditing,
Member of the Directorate

Manager. Planning and managing operational audits and profitability analyses, reviewing risk management systems and internal control systems (ICS), providing advice and support on strategic projects. Conducting analysis and special mandates of the audit committee.


Head of Corporate Planning, Member of the Management Team, Corporate Planning Specialist

Manager. Supporting strategic and organisational development processes, developing and implementing management and control tools, partial project management during the introduction and implementation of a balanced scorecard (BSC) solution.


Controller and Project Manager

Developing and improving management tools, developing and implementing internal control systems (ICS) and cost accounting systems. Planning and conducting training sessions on SAP R3 and on business management principles as well as creating and implementing performance mandates.

Higher Education

  • Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Conflict Resolution in Companies and Management, Institute for Legal Studies and Legal Practice, University of St. Gallen.
  • Master of Advanced Studies in Systemic Organisational Dynamic Coaching, Olten School of Social Work, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW. BSO-acknowledged course.
  • Post-qualification course: Master of Advanced Studies in Controlling, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.
  • Internal Auditing, Risk Management, Control, Governance, Institute of Accounting and Controlling courses, University of Zurich; qualification: Certified Internal Auditor CIA, Institute of Internal Auditors.
  • Postgraduate diploma in Controlling, Institute of Financial Services Zug, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Selection of Other Courses

  • Job shadowing at sysTelios Health Center, a private clinic for psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine in Siedelsbrunn, Germany
  • Empowerment of teams and organisations: organisational development, accompanying team development processes; Dr. Gunther Schmidt
  • Job bullying, bullying dynamics, intervention possibilities; Prof. Mag.a phil. Dr.phil. Dr.rer.nat. Christa Kolodej
  • Certified systemic consultant SySt®; Prof. Dr Matthias Varga von Kibéd and Dipl. Psych. Insa Sparrer
  • Systemic organisational consulting according to SySt®, Elisabeth Ferrari (graduate engineer and economist)
  • Generative coaching; Dr Stephen Gilligan
  • Clarification support for mediators, according to the principles of Dr Christoph Thomann at komet-beratung
  • Conventional and new methods of the Milanese Model and Heidelberg School; Andrea Ebbecke-Nohlen (graduate psychologist)
  • Solution-oriented crisis intervention and principles of psycho-traumatology; Hélène Dellucci (graduate psychologist)
  • Workshop on large-group methods, frischer wind AG für Organisationsentwicklung
  • Clarifying and changing power aspects in communities and organisations; Friedrich Glasl
  • Moderation techniques; Michael Tosch, Neuland AG
  • Coaching toolkit course; Dr Werner Vogelauer, Trigon Entwicklungsberatung